Chonqing – Braunschweig

Ausstellung und Exkursion der Filmklasse der HBK BraunschweigMichael Brynntrup und Studierenden nach Chongqing, Guangzhou und Beijing. | 17 images | 65 words

Chongqing | 03.-12.05.2009
Visit and Screening at the Campus of Sichuan Fine Arts Institutes 06.05.09

Exhibition – “A Visit from Braunschweig” | Organhaus Art Space in Chongqing 9-15 May 2009


An exhibition presented by the China excursion participants. Exhibition Hall 1 was turned into a black box in which five films were presented as a loop every hour. In Hall 2, some two kilometers away, a further twelve pieces were exhibited. The exhibition included a catalogue.

Guangzhou | 12.-14.05.2009

Visit and Screening at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Beijing | 14.-17.05.2009

Visit and Screening at the China Central Academy Of Fine Arts (CAFA)
The Iberia Center for Contemporary Art (CIFAI), with its Chinese Independent Film Archive, screened a survey program of Michael Brynntrup’s works, as well as selected pieces by the Film Class.