3D Fluid simulations  |  PLA | 21 x 21 x 40cm


Room installation | cardboard, paint, hot glue | 6 x 8 x 3 m

Swipe The Flood Away

Tobias Bilgeri and Jens Isensee, 2024 | Interactive Video Installation

This interactive installation runs synchronously on 9 smartphones. The devices are fixed in a grid on a pedestal and a harmonious, virtual delirium initially plays out on their screens. The player can drift off into various AI-generated worlds and truths. However, this harmony is soon shattered by suddenly popping up disaster scenarios. Cell phone videos of devastating floods, such as those that have become rampant in the wake of the climate catastrophe in recent years, flood the screens like Instagram stories. Initially sporadically and then increasingly frequently, the ideal digital world is confronted with a harsh and brutal reality. In a way, AI simulations and disaster videos have the same hypnotic attraction. No wonder, since the field of tension between environmental dystopianism and AI tech utopianism is a field that is cultivated and harvested by the attention extractivism industry.

Paradoxically, the only action left to the player in these events is to swipe the disaster stories off the screen, as is familiar from social media apps. The hermetic game loop intensifies until the events flood all channels like a torrent. Here, the installation concept addresses how human consciousness tends to repress itself when overwhelmed by the complexity of the global situation, instead of moving into action. The escapist nature of media production and a belief in technology and progress that is as tempting as it is fatal are critically juxtaposed in the form of these lucid AI dreams. The simulation comes full circle when the question of the inevitability of this end finally appears on the screen and a new beginning is offered via swipe.

Monthly Global Disasters

Media and news communicate global events with varying frequency and depth, but hardly anyone is able to continuously catch everything, let alone process it. Thus the colossal extent, the increase and vehemence of natural catastrophes remains hardly perceptible in its entirety and shall be shown in this composition.

Here is the complete playlist with all previous months.

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New photos of Overgrowth

Interactive spacial video installation  |  Motion sensor, PC, short distance projector,
3D-software  |  2.7 × 1.8 × 4 m  |  2018

I just rediscovered photos from our group show Surviving the Fitness made made by Chris Becher. Thanks to him I got a bit of documentation from that exhibition in Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel. You’ll find more information about this interactive installation right here.

Greening the Video Games Industry

Workhsop: Winning Solutions for the Environment, Monday 22 August (13:00-14:30 CEST).  This workshop will focus on what actions can be taken in the whole video game creation process to support the green transition and help combat climate change. In this sense, Maria Wagner, Jens Isensee and Johanna Pirker will show the main initiatives in the video games sector that promote sustainability across the industry.

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German Games Award for Imagine Earth

Our simulation game project about the climate crisis was awarded in the Category Best Expert Game 2022.

We are grateful and happy about the recognition of Imagine Earth as Best Expert Game at Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2022!

Laudator Geoff Keighley , producer and host of The Game Awards , digitally handed over the award to Martin and me. Thanks so much to the jury for these ususpected honors. The adress by the well known personality was the cherry on top of the unsuspected honors for our 14+ years lasting strategy game project about the climate crisis.

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Interactive Video Installation | Luftfahrtmuseum
Wernigerode | Motion sensor, PC | 2020

Artificial Answers

Short animation film | HD, 6:00 min | 2020

An animated speculation on whether and how artificial intelligence could answer existential questions of humanity.

The short film stages a search engine environment and the AI questioned in the plot gives its answers in the form of collages from documents, images, sounds and quotations from well-known philosophers and historical intellectuals. The real question remains whether machine learning can succeed in linking these many coherent and conflicting fragments on the meta-level into a new guiding principle that is able to answer the agonizing questions of our time.

This digital work was created in collaboration of Cat Scott (UK), Smruthi Gargi Eswar (IN) & Jens Isensee (GER) during the CoLab TechArt Fellowship 2020 with Jaaga, British Council India, Goethe Insitute Bangalore and was supported by Islington Mill.

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Reality Glasses

Experimental Short Film and Video Installation | carton, acrylic, hardware
0,6 × 0,7 × 0,5 m | 6:59 minutes | HD | 2022

Reality Glasses is an essayistic short film about how humans created their own realities ever since. In the installation version it can be viewed only on a specially constructed headset made of cardboard and acrylic lacquer with hardware components.

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Virtual Materialism

Interactive spacial video installation  |  Motion sensor, PC,
short distance projector, 3D-software  |  2.7 × 1.8 × 4 m  |  2019

In this interactive video installation up to 4 recipients are confronted with a virtual recreation of themselves out of objects and stuff. In a way they are becoming interactive ready-mades. The masks on the figures in the virtual mirror recite an acoustic collage of text fragments from the essay ’The Imaginary‘. It’s an early book by Jean-Paul Sartre which is a phenomenological study of human imagination. In it, Sartre distinguishes between perception and imagination which he identifies as humans ability for creating reality.

The work also has an immersive level. The viewers which are re-embodied out of objects and things, can move around and collect virtual coins that appear out of thin air in the virtual space. They even have to do it to sustain themselves, otherwise someone else wins and rest will disintegrate. This Win-Loose-Loop continues endlessly. The recipients could listen to the speakers, but the temptation to get lost in the spectacle is enormous. Also the exhibition environment is reconstructed in 3D to condense the experience of a reflection in this site-specific installation.

This project is a cooperation Jens Isensee and Rico Possienka. The installation is made with Kinect Sensor and Unity 3D and an ultra short distance projector connected to PC rendering hardware.

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Pieces of Data

„Pieces of Data“ is a mobile single player game for IOS and Android. It’s an interactive activism novel. Play the fate of activists in a state that is becoming more and more repressive. The story is told in a virtual smartphone environment. The narration and the events are unfolding through a news feed app that features the changes in society on a wider scale and in chat messengers in which people tell and share their personal activities and experiences.

The game concept and prototype were presented at the HIIG Game Jam – „Unveil the privacy Thread“. It got awarded with the 1st Price at the game jam awards at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society. | Read more…

Too Much

experimental animation | 2017 | 8:13 min | 1 trailer | 7 images | 411 words

This shortfilm is a disturbing experimental drift and a mediagrotesque about telecommunication as a medial game of powers. With a textcollage freely adapted from Nietzsche how Foucault has red him. While the view wounders through the zapped channels they start drifting away into an extatic overdrive. The subtitles are translating the medial noise into an atmospherical meta. A textual contemplation about how communication is becoming a question of force.

Watch video | Read more…

Blame for Fame

„Blame for Fame“ ist ein Populisten-Wahlkampfsimulator. Als PR-Manager muss der Spieler versuchen einer zufällig erzeugten Demographie von Wählern gegenüber verschiedene Aussagen zu treffen die zum Wahlsieg führen. Im Spielverlauf treten unterschiedliche gesellschaftliche Ereignisse auf, auf die schnell mit markanten Äußerungen reagiert werden muss um die Zustimmung in der Bevölkerung zu erhöhen, dabei ist es möglich, auch wenig populäre Aussagen zu treffen, um die eigene Reichweite zu erhöhen. Steile Thesen steigern öffentliche Wahrnehmung. Es gilt die gesellschaftlichen Verhältnisse auszuloten und Minderheiten zu identifizieren, auf deren Kosten man Sprüche klopft um sich bei einer Mehrheit strategisch interessant zu machen. | Read more…

Imagine Earth

Imagine Earth is a build up strategy game and a real-time planet simulation. Your job as a space colony manager is to explore and populate distant planets. Build up thriving and profitable colonies on a global scale and trade resources and goods.
The game is about the age of space capitalism in which several corporations are fighting for economic supremacy on various planets. It turns into a climate survival thriller as their ongoing struggle for growth is threatening the global ecosystem.

Economic strategy game | Realtime 3D for PC | 4 images | project website
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4-channel video installation  |  LCD-screens, mini-PC, fans, carton, acrylic
0,8 × 0,7 × 1,3 m  |  2016

The Wheelwork is a 4-channel video installation made of cardboard with integrated LCD-screens. Through four apertures in this sculpture its simulated inner workings can be seen, a mechanism made of wooden gears that was filmed in the historic mill ensemble of Heiligenrode.

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Interactive spacial video installation  |  Motion sensor, PC, short distance projector,
3D-software  |  2.7 × 1.8 × 4 m  |  2018

Overgrowth is an interactive spacial video installation with integrated motion sensor, PC hardware and a short distance projector. The sensor of this interactive installation detects the viewing angle of a spectator in front of the projection and the 3dimensional scenario is generated and displayed according to the recipients perspective. The viewers hand movements are captured as well and transferred into the virtual space. As light spots they float over the scenario and organic structures are sprouting at the corresponding places on projected wall.

The spectators interactions generate an organic structure which is growing excessively until its complexity reaches the systems rendering limits and the players interactions are shrinking structures again. The result is a vital and diverse play of prosperity and transgression in a closed, self-regulating sphere. The spectator is thus emancipated from his passive role to become the designer of an individual sculpture. After leaving space, the generative structure resets itself, making the sculpture temporary and processual. | Read more…

White Washing Parade

Figuren und Fundstücke, bemalt  |  Figures and finds, painted
2,2 × 1,3 × 0,5 m  |  2016   | Read more…


Group of Objects  |  Objektgruppe 
3 × 4 × 2 m  |  2016  | Read more…

Deutschland im Herbst

‘Germany in Autumn’  –  Found objects, carton, wood  |  Fundstücke, Karton, Holz
1,6 × 1,7 × 1,9 m  |  2016  | Read more…

2nd World

Map, carton, hot glue, acrylic |  ‚2. Welt‘, Landkarte, Karton, Heißkleber, Acryl
0,8 × 0,8 × 1,1 m  |  2016  | Read more…

Only the winds – by Ólafur Arnalds

Music Video | 2013 | 4:00 min | 1 video | 4 images | 115 words

The Video is an atmospherical speculation about what unexpected things might be happening in the unattended flow of light and time. Music composed by the neoclassical islandic composer Ólafur Arnalds:

As 4x4k 180° Projection this video has been awarded with the Janus Performance Award of the FullDome-Festival 2013 endowed with 500 Euro, donated by ZEISS.

Watch video | Read more…


Interactive sculpture  |  Disco ball motors, motion detectors, acrylic, wood, carton
0,7 × 0,9 × 1,3 m  |  2016

This Installation detects movements and its extremities begin to deform in opposing rotations. The spectator becomes part of the process. | Read more…

Objects for Subjects

Carton, acrylic lacquer, hot glue  |  ‘Objekte für Subjekte’, Karton, Acryllack, Heißkleber
1,4 × 3,2 × 0,2 m  |  2016

Off, Over and Out

Wood, art prints, light chains, hot glue  |  2.4 × 1.6 × 0.3 m  |  2015 | Read more…

Homeland, values and blazons

‘Play’, ‘Hunt’, ‘Work’, ‘Dinos eat Jesus’ and ‘Rooster’ | Fireworks, game pieces,
christmas lights, horns, carton
| 0,7 × 0,7 × 0,4 m each | 2011 – 2016 | Read more…


Interactive video installation | VR, head tracking
0,6 x 0,6 x 2 m  |  2015 
| Read more…


Modified hardware, Raspberry Pi, Arduino  |  0.6 × 0.6 × 1.4 m  |  2014 | Read more…


cardboard, wood, hotglue, acrylic clear lacquer  |  2.8 x 1.5 x 1.2 m  |  2014 | Read more…

StattLAB Zeichnungen


experimental animation | 2014 | 14:13 min | 3 images | 101 words | Read more…

Procedural Sculptures

Interactive Video Installation | asymetric cam projection | 3 images | 178 words | Read more…


‘Mill of Presence’  |  Interactive video installation
Video game machine  |  0.6 × 0.6 × 2 m  |  2014 | Read more…

Ego Tunnel

Autonomous computer installation | PC hardware, cardboard | 1.2 × 1 × 0.8 m

The ego tunnel is an autonomous computer installation. An old PC system was dismantled and all components rebuilt into a new constellation. This newly configured system is only able to observe itself (through a webcam) and reproduce the image of itself in endless repetition. In this sense it is redundant and self-contained as though the system is similarly running a film of itself. This might vaguely be reminiscent of Thomas Metzinger, a philosopher involved in neuroscience who, in his book ‘The Ego Tunnel’ describes the human ‘Self’ as a self-illusion vigorously practised by human beings.

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Printed cardboard, hardware, hot glue, paint  |  0.4 × 0.5 × 0.5 m  |  2012
| Read more…


Cardboard, hot glue, paint, megaphone
1.5 × 1.2 × 0.8 m  |  2013 | Read more…

Neo Kuben

‘Neo Cubes’  |  Land art, series of objects  |  1 – 2 m³  |  2013

A short film for a documentary presentation of a series of sculptures. As the cubes pictured suggest, the artist was keen to transplant these everyday basic square shapes into a completely atypical environment full of organic, flowing shapes. As an embodiment of structure and uniformity, the cubes pose a stark contrast to their environment. The camera carries out captivating, concentrated circular movements around the cubes.

Music: Bach’s Open Goldberg Variations, by Kimiko Ishizaka
Schnitt: Deborah Uhde

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Mini computer, microphone, headphones, cardboard  |  0.7 × 0.6 × 0.5 m  |  2013 | Read more…

LED Screen Installation

A videowork screened at the Braunschweiger BraWoPark Tower LED Screeninstallation.

Videoinstallation | 4x4m x6 LED Screen | 1 video | 3 images | 366 words | Read more…

Holistic – Planspiel

Ein strategisches Planspiel für ganzheitliches Life Cycle Management. Für diese Planspielentwicklung der TU und der HBK Braunschweig habe ich Video- und 3D-Animationen, Interfacedesign und Druck- bzw. Spielmaterialien entworfen, umgesetzt und produziert.

Das Konzept und Ziel von Holistic ist es, diese beiden Bereiche zu verbinden und dadurch eine umfassende und gemeinsame Vermittlung von Kompetenzen und Fachwissen anzustreben. Im Prozess des Spielens müssen beispielsweise Interessenkonflikte auf kommunikativem Weg gelöst werden und Probleme kooperativ bewältigt werden. Planspiel schaffen zudem durch ihren immersiven Charakter eine sehr starke intrinsische Motivation bei den Teilnehmern. Gut ausbalancierte Planspiele wie Holistic etablieren dazu einen Spielfluss, der die Spieler permanent zwischen Unter- und Überforderung positioniert. Gleichzeitig positionieren sie eine beständige Anschlusserwartung. Ist eine Aufgabe absolviert und das Feedback zum Ergebnis der eigenen Handlung erfolgt, verspricht bereits die nächste Aufgabe neue Herausforderungen. Dadurch entsteht idealerweise ein Flow: Die Mechanismen des Spiels treten in den Hintergrund, die Spieler gehen im Spiel auf und konzentrieren sich auf ihre Entscheidungen und Handlungen im Rahmen der Narration des Spiels.

Neben allen objektiven Kriterien sollen die Holistic-Planspiel als Spiel den Studierenden nicht zuletzt auch Spaß bereiten und soll damit die Motivation, sich in der Lehre zu engagieren, steigern.

Strategic business and management game | 20 images | 80 words | Read more…


Paper cuttings, historical world maps, acrylic glass panels |  2.4 × 1.2 m  |  2011 | Read more…

The Imaginary

Interactive film | Pc, screen, camera sensor | 2 × 2 x 1.5 m | 2011 | Read more…

Wikileaks Animation 3D

This Animation was built in the intention, that it might be usefull to everybody engaged in the subject of free information, originally as an animated version of the Wikileaks supportbanner. | Read more…

Arbeitskrise und Grundeinkommen

An animation film by Jens Isensee | 11:23 min | HD | CC | Read more…

Imagine Font – Truetype

Truetype Font Family | 1 Download | 8 Fonts

Imagine Font Family is free for personal use only. Download here:


Imagine Font Files as  .ttf, .otf, .eot, .woff, .svg  |  Webfonts included

Restricted Commercial Use

To purchase a commercial license for IMAGINE FONT FAMILY, valid for unrestricted and royalty-free commercial use in all media, print, apps and games, worldwide and in perpetuity usage, please order and receive an invoice stating these usage rights for 49,99€ directly at


The font was originally developed for the
science-fiction game project Imagine Earth



Naturfotografien im Naturhistorischen Museum Berlin.

Chondryces Picknicus

digital pigment print | 120 cm x 64 cm | 4 images | 45 words | 2013 | Read more…


Fahrerbunker in Berlin

Interactive Environment | 2008 | 1 video | 4 images | Read more…


digital pigmentprint | 109 cm x 58,5 cm | 3 images | 2008 | Read more…


All you can Lissabon

digital pigmentprint | 109 cm x 64 cm | 3 images | 2008 | Read more…

3 Kings for 1 Superhero

digital pigmentprint | 169,2 cm x 58,8 cm | 4 images | 192 words | 2007 | Read more…

Er so, Sie so

digital pigmentprints | 65 x 47 cm each | 4 images | 2007 | Read more…



Verwachsungen | 2 x 1 m

Medieval Town 3D

Erbauung einer mittelalterlichen Stadt in der Unreal-Engine.
Kursprojekt im Rahmen des Studiums Kommunikation. | Read more…


digital pigmentprint | 110 cm x 46,8 cm | 238 words | 2006 | Read more…


2006 | dead palmtree, lacquer | and 12 ohter breeds

Colored Drawings


Die Saat des Lebens

Ein frühes Graphic Novel Projekt, das ich noch immer nicht aus der Galerie entfernen mag…

Monkey Island 3D

Half Life Mod | 1 video | 3 downloads | 11 images | 130 words | 2004 | Read more…


2004 | 3 Pictures 

Eine Skulpturengruppe von acht geschnitzten Holzschwertern, die ich mit in den Griff geritzten Buchstaben. Die ich im Grundklassenjahr an der HBK angefertigt und über meinem Arbeitsplatz gehangen haben.