Monthly Global Disasters

Media and news communicate global events with varying frequency and depth, but hardly anyone is able to continuously catch everything, let alone process it. Thus the colossal extent, the increase and vehemence of natural catastrophes remains hardly perceptible in its entirety and shall be shown in this composition.

Here is the complete playlist with all previous months.

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Artificial Answers

Short animation film | HD, 6:00 min | 2020

An animated speculation on whether and how artificial intelligence could answer existential questions of humanity.

The short film stages a search engine environment and the AI questioned in the plot gives its answers in the form of collages from documents, images, sounds and quotations from well-known philosophers and historical intellectuals. The real question remains whether machine learning can succeed in linking these many coherent and conflicting fragments on the meta-level into a new guiding principle that is able to answer the agonizing questions of our time.

This digital work was created in collaboration of Cat Scott (UK), Smruthi Gargi Eswar (IN) & Jens Isensee (GER) during the CoLab TechArt Fellowship 2020 with Jaaga, British Council India, Goethe Insitute Bangalore and was supported by Islington Mill.

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Reality Glasses

Experimental Short Film and Video Installation | carton, acrylic, hardware
0,6 × 0,7 × 0,5 m | 6:59 minutes | HD | 2022

Reality Glasses is an essayistic short film about how humans created their own realities ever since. In the installation version it can be viewed only on a specially constructed headset made of cardboard and acrylic lacquer with hardware components.

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Too Much

experimental animation | 2017 | 8:13 min | 1 trailer | 7 images | 411 words

This shortfilm is a disturbing experimental drift and a mediagrotesque about telecommunication as a medial game of powers. With a textcollage freely adapted from Nietzsche how Foucault has red him. While the view wounders through the zapped channels they start drifting away into an extatic overdrive. The subtitles are translating the medial noise into an atmospherical meta. A textual contemplation about how communication is becoming a question of force.

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Neo Kuben

‘Neo Cubes’  |  Land art, series of objects  |  1 – 2 m³  |  2013

A short film for a documentary presentation of a series of sculptures. As the cubes pictured suggest, the artist was keen to transplant these everyday basic square shapes into a completely atypical environment full of organic, flowing shapes. As an embodiment of structure and uniformity, the cubes pose a stark contrast to their environment. The camera carries out captivating, concentrated circular movements around the cubes.

Music: Bach’s Open Goldberg Variations, by Kimiko Ishizaka
Schnitt: Deborah Uhde

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Paper cuttings, historical world maps, acrylic glass panels |  2.4 × 1.2 m  |  2011 | Read more…