Monthly Global Disasters

Media and news communicate global events with varying frequency and depth, but hardly anyone is able to continuously catch everything, let alone process it. Thus the colossal extent, the increase and vehemence of natural catastrophes remains hardly perceptible in its entirety and shall be shown in this composition.

Here is the complete playlist with all previous months.

This collage of online videos is intended to illustrate how many natural disasters occurred around the world in August 2023. It serves to illustrate a striking global accumulation of such destructive incidents in the wake of climate change. It is also an attempt to memorize and archive the incidents as so many are happening and too many catastrophes are forgotten too soon. And the chosen staging as an Instagram story scrolling inexorably forward, poems a critical note on how such events are hyped and then dropped by our limited human perception.

I consider the found-footage collage / video work I created to be covered by the freedom of art practiced in Germany, this is a legally guaranteed fundamental right that serves to protect artistic forms of expression. In addition, I consider it legitimized by the right of quotation, a barrier of German copyright law in § 51 UrhG allows the partial adoption of material ( found footage ) in an intentionally appropriate context.