Monkey Island 3D

Half Life Mod | 1 video | 3 downloads | 11 images | 130 words | 2004

What a rush of nostalgia. Lately somebody reminded of the Half-Life Map i created from the Melee Island Town, that shabby piratedump in „Monkey Island“. I rediscovered it in a backup of my website from 2004. Meanwhile this became a nostalgia double-feature, because the first part of Half-Life got ready for musuem as well as it has written computergame history too. We are time-traveling not only back into the most charming caribbean adventure game ever but also into a time when brushwork and polycount where everything while creating Half-Life Maps whith Valve’s Hammer Editor. Here you can hang around in the Scummbar, pay a visit to the church, the prison and do some side-seeing in the servers beyound the dead end which we have encountered in the „Le Chuck’s Revenge“ for the first time.

guybrushdownload_stuff_jookiSteam Version
a comfortable selfinstalling package for the classic Half Life Steam Version

download_stuff_jookiClassic Half Life
this package has setup-instructions and it comes with a  Guybrush Modell

download_stuff_jookiThe Soundtrack.mp3
The realkeeping PC Speaker Ragae Remix by Sebastian Steger

from many locations on Melee Island which you might remember well!